Lyrical waltzes and scorching bourreés from the French dance-floor,

the driving rhythms of a Breton fest-noz, classic numbers and original melodies ~

the music of Deux Sans Frontières knows no boundaries. 

 Mike Gulston: octave mandola and guitar   • Mark Prescott: violin

We've played together for some years as a duo and in other collaborations. We specialise in the dance music of Brittany and central France, 

and are also accomplished musicians in concert and informal settings.

New video from a sunny morning in Wales ... do have a look on the videos page

Deux Sans Frontières CD

Ten tracks of beautiful balfolk music. This recording delivers a great sample of the range of dance music you'll enjoy at our live performances.

Contact us direct here to arrange delivery of your copy for just £12 (UK) €15 (Europe) including p&p.

“I was completely captivated by you, your music and your infectious enthusiasm last night at Horsley”

“Beautiful, entrancing ...”

“They gave the best French Dance gig I've ever heard”

“Your music was so beautiful I fell in love with every man I danced with ...”