About Deux Sans Frontières

Mark Prescott

Mark has played violin and fiddle for much of his life, bringing a unique mix of classical technique and improvisation and innovation in interpretation. Mark's collaborators cover all genres of music - South American Folk, rock, blues, jazz to name just a few.

In recent years Mark has increasingly specialised in sensitive and creative accompaniment of singer songwriters, and in his instrumental work on the music of  France and Brittany. In his time in Wales Mark established his reputation for an enthusiastically infectious teaching style, informed by the Natural Voice Practitioner movement, and allied to communicating the strong rhythmic drive that characterises his playing.  For more information on Mark's other musical projects or for enquiries you can visit his website here.

Mike Gulston

Mike's involvement with French and Breton music began as a dancer with the London French dance club On Bouge, and he has a reputation as a dance teacher as well as a performer.

He began playing French and Breton dance music with two bands, Boa and later Pach Pi, on octave mandola and guitar. Joining GIG CB! (the George Inn Giant Ceilidh Band) brought him into contact with Mark. This idiosyncratic 12-piece band plays every year at Le Grand Bal de l'Europe at Gennetines in central France.

You can hear Mike's solo traditional songs and ballads here and his acoustic duo with Blanche Rowen here

Deux Sans Frontières

Mark and Mike met in 2000 when playing at the leading festival for French dance music in the world. After such an auspicious beginning, it's hardly surprising that, with their shared love of the evocative, melodic and entrancing music of France, that they have been playing this music in different line ups since that time.

Audiences have commented on the sheer breadth of sound Deux Sans Frontières create, bringing melodic, harmonic and rhythmic aspects of their individual sounds together in a unique ensemble sound. Their performances communicate their deep understanding and love of this music, infecting listening audiences and dancers alike.

Mike and Mark's music is without limits - whether it is exploring new contemporary repertoire or bringing fresh life and rhythm to timeless classics.